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EE Title help, please C:

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hello, first post here! i recently changed topic/supervisor, and I'm now doing my EE on the Visual Arts. I've decided to focus on synesthetic elements of the works of Paul Klee and Kandinsky, and possible titles at the moment are:

"What is the significance of synesthesia in the works of Paul Klee and Kandinsky?"
or, my supervisor's suggestion,
"How is the application of synesthesia significant or meaningful in the works of Paul Klee and Kandinsky?" (not sure about this one, meh..)

Anywho my supervisor thinks they need "jazzing up" and I agree, they sound kind of boring as they are.
Any help would be much appreciated! C: Synesthesia, by the way, is the phenomenon of the blurring of the senses- for example, being able to taste the colour blue, or hear the colour yellow...just in case that helps!

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