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EE about the Holocaust- topic help

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Hi there! Could you give me your opinion on the research question of my EE? Here are my 3 ideas:

1,2) What were the reasons for the failure of the Allies to stop the Holocaust/rescue the victims of Nazi genocide?

3) What were the reasons for not taking a decisive action by the Allies to rescue the victims of Nazi genocide?

Which one sounds the best? Do you have any other advice to edit it somehow?

Thank you for any advices!


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Hey! so first off I am going to give advice about the History EE in general that your teacher may or may not have given you. It will be smart to stay away from major issues in history like World Wars and the Holocaust ties into that! It has become so overdone and tons of kids do it and so you will be losing originality on your work because lots of people do it. 

If you still wish to pursue this topic of the Holocaust, try to be as unique as possible and look at this key point in history at all angles and find your topic from that. Try and find your research before you are down with a topic for sure. This is a research paper so make sure you can find tons of research that will benefit your paper. Be creative with your title and research question both with it's substance and how it is worded. Make is sound interesting and unique while still remaining true to what you are doing.

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