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[CHEMISTRY]Require help and opinions in deciding between two topics

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So here I am during the summer between my two IB years. In my school, the deadline for the first draft is shortly after the beginning of the second year. We are meant to write the essay over the summer. Thus, I have conducted research and collected results and had a research question. I took a break for a month after this and now look back upon my question, only to notice it is way too simple.

My original question is as follows:

How does temperature affect the dissociation of citric acid within oranges, lemons, and limes in direct reference to the position of equilibrium?

I collected pH values at every temperature for every fruit and planned to use this to calculate the concentration of H3O+ ions and thus the position of equilibrium within the dissociation of the citric acid within the fruits.

I now feel as though the topic is too cliche and unoriginal.


The question I now am thinking of is as follows:

How do different types of pepper differ in terms of percentage yield of piperine after its extraction?

I would follow a controlled procedure to collect this data, using five different types of pepper, one white, and four black from around the world. I could then calculate the percentage yields of piperine for each type along with all required repeats. With this question, I should be able to provide a global perspective relating to why certain peppers have more piperine content than others and relate this to the countries of origin. 

The methodology involved in the second question is far more complex, but provides for greater data analysis.


Anyway, the question at hand: I can either choose to write my extended essay over the summer on the first question, or I can risk doing the entire second question practical work within two weeks and write the essay draft. Note that the extraction requires sitting time of up to five days.


Any opinions and/or advice? Any and all is appreciated greatly.

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