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Why am I Failing Introductory High School Physics?

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I am a preIB student from Eastern Canada with ambitions towards taking Physics HL towards my IB Diploma. Currently, I am placed in a common class to fulfill a general prerequisite. However, as the title suggests, I am achieving very poor marks in this class and having a terrible time trying to reach the 90% threshold for IB HL. The class is half over and I am stuck at 82%.

Interestingly, I have taken a full semester of Biology, Mathematics and Chemistry at IB level (our school has an interesting system), and have passed with mid and high 90s. Despite this being a common class, I am working harder in this one course than I have ever worked in any of my IB classes, yet am still performing miserably with little hope of hitting the threshold ultimately (my average in the beginning was 31%). I have talked to teachers, my parents and school counselors, yet no one could provide useful information. 

Could any of you offer some insight into this predicament?

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The reason is not important. Important is that you grasp firm knowledge of physics fundamentals and get the 90%.

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