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Which of these subjects is more likely to go up through an EUR?

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This a crucial point in my life. I didn't get the best grades to get into the Uni of my dreams, but I don't feel bad with myself. 
I went through clinical difficulties through the summer, and had to work part-time to pay for my studies. I also got all of the IB done in 1.5 years because I joined my class late. 

Anyway, I have a job offer that I really need to take, and therefore I need any form of High School Diploma, regardless of having barely made it to pass. 

I have 23 points, and fulfill all of the other conditions, otherwise. 
There's 3 subjects that I scores right on the verge of the mark boundary, for example in History, I got a 3, and got 31 marks. From 32 marks on it would become a 4. The same applies for Literature HL and TOK. I am actually surpised about my TOK essay. I can see that this year new mark boundaries were used for the subject, but still I spent an incredible deal of mental resources toward that essay, so I am going to have it remarked. I got 3 marks from it! 

So, I am very confident about TOK, but I can only afford to send 2 subjects for revision as for the time being, and have only until September to take my job place. 
So, the second has to be either Literature HL or History SL. 

For Literature I got: 
P1 - 16 (the next mark boundary starts at 18) 

P2 - 13 (the next mark boundary starts at 15) 

WA - 10 (the next mark boundary starts at 13)


For History I got: 

P1- 6 (the next mark boundary starts at 8)

P2- 10 ( the next mark boundary starts at 12) 

For TOK I got 

Essay 3

Presentation 9 


As you can see, it only takes one component in either of the three subjects for my diploma to be awarded so I can go on with my life. Please, tell me which two subjects I should choose and if it's possible to do a further Enquire by the end of August when I can pay for it and assuming the other two turn out unsuccessfully. 

A million thanks! 


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If I were in your position, I would do History SL. I'm unfamiliar with it (as I did HL), but I feel that it would be a better choice because it's not only fairly subjective (as is Lit HL), but also because it's SL -- I feel that they'd be more lenient with the grading due to this. In both cases, one more mark on any paper should (with great certainty on my end) grant you a higher score. The IB presents your grades in percents, actually. So you got 31% on History, rather than 31 marks. It doesn't make a difference here, though, which is great! :)

From what I can gather, the deadline for an EUR is September 15th. As long as you talk to your coordinator beforehand, you should be able to pay for another at the end of August. I'm actually in a similar position, because my coordinator is on vacation until ~August 20th, so I can't order one until then.

Good luck in getting your papers rescored. I wish you the best in getting them changed!

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