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School Supplies for first year of IB

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So it's my first year of the IB and my current plan is too many binders to handle... I am also considering bringing my laptop to school. So here are my classes:

1.) HL Lit

2.) Algebra 2 (Math Studies SL senior year)

3.) US History (Common Class and then 20th Century Topics senior year)

4.) Bio HL

5.) AP Spanish Language (HL Senior Year)

6.) IB Psychology

7.) And ToK of course

Thank you guys in advance. 

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For IB I had notebooks for each class, various folders for classes, and a binder,

For math and history I ended up using two notebooks as they are note heavy classes. The rest had one per year. 

History papers got their own folder for current papers (and two 3" binders at home for older stuff). My other classes shared a folder based on my schedule, meaning 1st and 2nd period shared a folder. (The highly irrelevant but still need to keep papers found a in a folder on the shelf next to the history binders.)

My binder had 8 sections (in theory one for each class) but ended up only holding a few periodic tables and loose lined paper. 

I didn't really bring my laptop to school except for the rare occasion we had work time. I'm not sure what my teachers would have thought if I tried to take notes on my laoptop in class. (No electronics policy, etc.)

The biggest thing with organization is to find a system that works for you.

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I agree, it all comes down to what works best for you.

For me my first year I took:

IB Spanish B SL


IB Eng: lit HL

IB Math SL

AP Stats

AP US history


Eng and Bio shared a binder, had individual folders, and bio had a notebook.

Spanish had its own binder, and a folder

Math had its own binder, and folder

AP stats and history shared a binder and had separate folder with notebooks for each.

Pre-Cal had its own binder and notebook.

makes sure to get pens, pencils, and highlighters for studying and school work. Some IB things require pen only.

I think it may be smart to separate the work based on the topic of each class (i.e. nucleic acid have its own tab in bio)

This year i am actually giving bio its own binder and I am increasing the tab use per topic. I will have a tab for notes, tab for assignments, and tab for labs

A planner will be a good investment, make sure it has lots and lots of room

get a durable book bag if your school has no lockers.

Make sure you use all the resources you have

I do not think bringing your laptop to school is necessary at all. It is just a waste of needed book space in you bag and also your school probably has a computer you can use, so if you want to work on something and have the time, bring a flash drive.

Flash drives are good also, you can do what I did and make a school folder and inside it make folders per class and then included folders for practice stuff and IA things.

Hope this helped

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I'm a current IB senior, so I know the pain of school supply shopping for IB.

I'll write each class I take and then what school supplies I recommend:

HL Lit.: 2" binder; 120 page notebook

HL Psych.: 3" binder; 2 120 page notebooks; binder tabs and cover sheets

HL History: 3" binder; 120 page notebook

SL Spanish B: 2.5" binder; 2 120 notebooks

SL ESS: 2" binder; 120 page notebook

SL Math Studies: 2.5" binder; 70 notebook; full package of graphing paper

TOK: 2" binder; 70 page notebook


Tissues for my tears

Starbucks Blonde Roast for the mornings


Hope this helps you out!! :)

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First of all, thank you guys so much for the tips. Second of all, after research and thought I've decided to basically bring an accordion file/expandable file to school and after each unit put the papers in a binder at home. This way, my backpack is not too heavy but I still have all of the material that I need. 

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