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IB grade boundaries

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Grade boundaries vary from examination session to the next. The May 2016 boundaries are available, here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4Th53yz8m6vaWVBVnE4TDBwYjA/view?pref=2&pli=1. We do already have posts already for this year's boundaries. Your final course grade is not an average of marks out of 7, but a weighted average of marks out of 100%. Getting 7 on IA does not mean you are guaranteed a 6 in final; getting 4 on IA does not eliminate possibilities of getting a 7 as final mark. 

Literature HL (using English) IA:  5: 18-21, 6: 22-25, 7: 26-30
Experimental sciences: Chemistry HL/Biology HL/Physics HL: 5: 14-16, 6: 17-19, 7: 20-24
Computer Science HL: 5: 20-23, 6: 24-27, 7: 28-34

A more useful way to calculate grade is to count how many marks you can lose. For example if for a course the level 6 lower boundary is 70 (which is not finalized until after exams), then that means you can lose up to 30 weighted marks to get a 6. Course weightings are outlined in the guide for each subject: IAs are typically 20-25%. If you lose 7 weighted marks from IA then you need to make sure you don't lose 23 more weighted marks in other assessments. If you lose 20 weighted marks in IA, that is, you get 10/30 on IOP/IOC (or 20/60 in raw IA marks), you can still get 70% if you don't lose more than 10 marks among WA, P1 or P2. 

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