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Recommended Subjects for CompSci

2nd Science Subject  

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  1. 1. Which science subject should I take alongside Physics?

    • IB CompSci HL/SL
    • IB Chem SL

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As an upcoming IB student, I was wondering which IB subjects would be recommended for Computer Science in Universities in the UK, Canada, and the US. From what I have read so far, I have gathered that Math HL and Physics HL are recommended but also read about how the IB CompSci course is not worth it. Should I bother taking IB CompSci or should I just take something else like Chemistry SL? 

Thanks for the help!

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I haven't experienced the IB CS course, so I can't say much in that regard. Were it an option at my school though, I would have chosen it (HL) instead of Chemistry SL because of what I was intending to study afterwards. That said, I've shifted a bit from CS to engineering (mechatronic/electronic/other), so I'm glad to be doing both the real sciences.

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I would recommend taking IB Compsci, because it will contribute to your knowledge of computer science, and maybe even expose you to new areas that you can investigate and explore on your own (which would be a good personal statement thing to talk about)!

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