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Hi eveybody! :D

In the future, I would like to study physics and astronomy in university. Does my subject combination look balanced/manageable?

A English HL

A Finnish SL

Mathematics HL

Physics HL

Biology SL

Psychology SL

Thank you in advance! :)

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The fact that you're taking two language As, Maths HL and two sciences makes your subject combination very strong, with a nice balance of difficulty and flexibility across a wide range of areas -- also you'll get to get a bilingual diploma thanks to taking a language A other than English!

Overall, it looks good. I'd only suggest switching out Biology for Chemistry/Computer Science/ITGS, or even Astronomy if your school offers it (super rare though) as Biology won't seem to help a bit for where you want to aspire to. 

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I agree with the above poster that it looks like a good subject combination for physics/astronomy! Though I'm not too sure in terms of how manageable it is. It honestly depends on the workload you think you can handle. I know a lot of people who find Maths HL or Physics HL particularly challenging, but if you like the subject and you're prepared to work, you'll definitely be fine!

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Sounds like the combination one must have for that type of course. Make sure you know what you're going into, and then work your hardest. 


Best of luck 

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