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Grammar concepts taught in French B?

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heh my first post here :) 

Anyways, I'm on my summer break and I wanted to get ahead in French. I'm taking SL French B next year, so does anyone know what grammar concepts/ type of assignments I will face next year? I would really like to be prepared.

~ For the record, I'm already quite confident with present tense, passé composé, objets direct/indirect, and imparfait. I've also learned conditionnel (present), futur simple, and impératif. Will I be OK? ~

merci beaucoup, y'all :D 

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Grammar is not a prescribed part of the syllabus. Even in your post, you only used 4-5 English tenses. When you have to write short compositions on the exam, you just need to write fluently, not trying to work 10 tenses into your writing. I was stellar at verb tenses but still only got a 5 at the end; don't be like me. 

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That's very good so far. If I were you, I would also learn subjonctif (ex. il est impératif que... + subjonctif), as well as the various types of si clauses. These both are considered very advanced grammar concepts and they really make your grammar stand out when writing.

As for the types of assignments you'll face, I had some oral presentations to prepare me for the Individual Oral, as well as reading articles and making sense out of them (answering questions, kind of like Paper 1 practice.) Some Paper 2 practice later on as well, with types of texts, organizing our thoughts on paper, etc.

Hope this helps! Good luck.

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