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Summer Prep for IB

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My school closed for the summer about a week ago, and I start the IBDP program in September. I just finished the IBMYP. I was wondering what kind of prep I could do over the summer in order to better in my subjects throughout the two years. Any help is welcome. Subjects; HL;

- Maths






- English Lang Lit

- Dutch Lang Lit



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There's really not that much prep you can do for the IB before you actually experience it. Time management is very important in the IB so you can best prepare for it by making sure you're well organized.

As for your subjects, sorry to be blunt, but they're flat out unfeasible. Double science + Maths HL is one of the hardest possible subject combinations you can take. It's not undoable though, and taking such a combination makes your application extremely competitive for almost any major you want to pursue. But add another HL in there and it's just stupid, unnecessary pain -- unless you really love all 4 subjects. Universities don't care if you have a 4th HL course. Also add on to the fact that you're planning on taking two language A subjects and well, you pretty much have arguably the hardest subject combination you can possibly take in the IB.

As much as I sound like I'm discouraging you from your current course (which I honestly can't even say I'm not), you don't need to take it from me. Especially if you really love those subjects and you don't really need to maximize grades. You can always drop a 4th HL anytime during your first year. It'll still be pretty tough, but if you have the time management skills, patience, as well put in the effort to excel in those courses, there's no reason why you shouldn't keep going as you've planned on.



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As someone with a similar subject combo (I don't take double Lang. A and instead of physics I have bio) I think you should enjoy your last free summer. If you were given the IB book list for the next two years then yeah, sure, read them, but don't try to self-teach yourself any of the sciences and maths.

The content will seem very advanced and you might get overwhelmed, causing you to be anxious about the upcoming two years. And that's something you definitely want to avoid.

Your next summer will probably be full of IAs, EE, and preparation of personal statements for uni application so just sit back and enjoy your fully free summer ;) IB gives your teachers two years to prepare you adequately for the exams in 2018, so take it easy for now. 

Good luck :)

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One of the most beneficial thing is to build time management skills. Devise a plan for the remaining of the summer, and do your best to fulfill it. It could be exercising, reading, studying, DIYing etc, and work towards your goals. I think MYP provides good preparation academically, so it's all about handling the pressure and stress when you advance to DP. 

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