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I have to chose my TOK presentation topic and I was thinking about doing it about Human Capital, mostly focused on the whole process of calculating someone's productive capacity and using it to calculate the sum to be paid as indemnization once someone dies. I could relate the topic to almost all ways of knowledge and a few areas of knowledge, but I started to read more about the topic (most of what I knew was based on a movie named human capital) and I think perhaps it's too complicated. Basicly, I want to have somenes opinion about the topic, and before I keep on working to know if it would be better if I changed the topic.  

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See case studies with discussion and sample KQ (Knowledge Questions) for the year 2016 for getting a perspective.



Importance of KQ and RLS :

KQ( Knowledge Question): The Soul of the Presentation

·      The KQ or the knowledge question earlier referred by IB as KI (Knowledge Issue) is the search tool to build the body of your TOK Presentation. The KQs are open ended and incisive, asking for thoughtful and critical examination of the topic.

·      Develop the TOK Presentation by connecting and weaving the threads of understanding the answers to your KQs.

·      A typical KQ explores a particular topic /theme in depth or combines examining any particular AOK with a WOK tool. We have formulated sample KQs for the TOK Presentations for you to work on.

RLS (Real Life Situation): The essential for TOK Presentation

Examples and Case Studies...

·      RLS or simply put incidents from reality serve as examples for explaining and justifying our claims/counterclaims in the TOK Presentation. They serve as anecdotal evidence for our arguments.

·      RLS also double up as the case studies for TOK Presentation topics. RLS need not be contentious in nature. Good choices of RLS involve different viewpoints and are significant to us as civilization. These will prompt and invoke interesting debate and discussion.

·      The RLS used in the TOK Presentation are normally picked from the current events of your IB Diploma years. The more we can connect the AOK and WOK to the RLS, the better it is!

Hope this helps.





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