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Business EE - Emami's tejomaya (construction project)

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Hey guys!

My topic for the EE is , "How significant is market positioning in establishing Emami's Tejomaya as a trustable brand in OMR,chennai?"

A basic introduction to the topic: Emami is a huge group that works in various sectors such as health, technology etc. One such subsidiary is Emami realty that takes care of promotion of properties. They are an established promoter/developer who have already done projects across india and through Tejomaya they are venturing into an already established, growth oriented segment at OMR,Chennai. OMR is considered the IT hub of Chennai and has various existing apartments. My essay would ideally be focusing on how the mass public can look over existing apartments and prefer tejomaya in the future ( i'll compare USP's and features), i'll also look to incorporate the fact that they have done well in other projects (trustability) and conclude by suggesting additional marketing strategies to increase their awareness amongst consumers.

Now my first question is whether my question is appropriate

secondly I also want to know how to cite pamphlets and brochures as they will be the main source of my secondary data 

thirdly, what are the tools i can use?

despite working it out, i dont feel really confident and start cringing always when i start the work (not sure how to structure) so some motivation and advvice from previous EE students would help :)

if anyone has any other clarificaion or wish to directly assist me ..do DM Me 

thanks in advance


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