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TAKING Math Studies Next Year. How do I prepare? What should I expect?

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1. I'm taking math studies next year

2. I want to know what I should expect

3. What I should do during my 2 month break before my IB year

4. Share you experience

Thanks so much u guys!! :)

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Don't worry, Maths Studies it really not hard.
Im doing Maths SL this year, many people in my class are dropping down to Studies next year. My friend is taking it this year and she said it's OK. You just need to have a strong algebra knowledge as calculus, functions/equations are all based on algebra

If you want to do some work before your IB year then i suggest you to...
1) Really polish up your basic algebraic skills
2) Check out the Syllabus and just read over it
3) Enjoy the holidays!! don't get too worked up.. the stress will come..

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[quote name='talktome' post='27342' date='Oct 28 2008, 08:37 PM']Where can I get the Syllabus for Math studies 2009-2010 btw...[/quote]

The Math Studies syllabus has not changed for 2009-2010, it is still the same one implemented in 2006. Get it from your Math Studies teacher or IB coordinator.

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