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Is this subject combo good enough if I want to study econ at top uni's in the US. 

Econ hl

Bio hl

english l&l hl

Swedish L&l 

math sl

physics sl

I want to keep my options open, hence why Im doing bio and econ hl. 

will it orherwise suffice for ivy's anyway? Is it too "all over the place" and unclear or does it show that i am well rounded+ "strong" in many areas? 

Btw, are there degrees which combine econ and bio (or just science and economics) as I am inclined towards both areas. 

Do you have to declare / mention your major when applying to Us colleges? Is math HL required for ivies econ? 

thanks a lot!!

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And is it quite possible to get a good grade in Math HL provided that I am an average student in Math but willing to put in a decent amount of time+work into it? I don't LOVE maths but I find it okay and once I understand things I like it. 


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Which universities are u considering? Oxford and Cambridge? Then u'll need Maths HL which however may be quite hard with Bio HL. Eco is nice and not that hard. Anyway, if u r considering for example Lancaster, Kings or Bath - there u usually dont need Maths HL - SL is enough. :)

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