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So, I'm a little confused as to exactly what we're supposed to be doing in our Individual Oral Commentaries. We're the first group of IBs going through our school, so our english teacher really knows about as much as we do. In what way is it similar to the Individual Oral Presentations? Is it basically an oral version of a commentary? And does anyone have any examples of IOCs that they'd like to share?


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The IOCs are similar to the IOPs in that they are both graded by your teacher. However, the IOCs are taped and externally moderated. The works that you talk about for the IOC are from Part Two of the curriculum whereas the the IOPs are from Part 4. However, the largest difference between is that the IOC is done on the spot. The candidates do not know in advance which Part Two text the passage will come from. So basically, review them all.

You will basically analyze the passage given to you (for 8-12), and then your teacher will ask you some follow-up questions(that are designed to help you) in the remaining time.

ADD: You are given the passage on a piece of paper (you are not allowed to refer to the whole text) and you have 20 minutes to formulate your presentation. Edited by flsweetheart422

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