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Self-teach IB Psych

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So let's say that (theoretically, of course, as no one would ever be left without a teacher) I didn't have an IB psychology teacher and the few of us in the class had to resort to teaching ourselves. Can anyone give any tips or keys to study so that I can actually pass the tests in May? Also, I know the class is relatively simple so I've thought about doing it as a fourth HL.. Thoughts?


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- Go online and find websites that cover the case studies needed for each of the units  (eg. BLOA, CLOA, SCLOA)

- Use the websites found to create notes for each of the case studies (eg. aim, procedure, results, findings, evaluation)

- Make sure the notes are simple enough for you to remember

- Practice writing an outline for each of the essay questions (both SAQ and LAQ)


I don't think Psychology HL is hard by any means but if your other courses are hard then I think it might be better not to take it as a fourth HL. Hard courses would be any combination of the classes below (in my opinion -I am either currently taking them or have a friend who takes it):

- History HL (just a hard course in general but I know people who got 7s so not that impossible)

- Physics HL (depends on how good you are at Math in my opinion)

- Math HL (just hard in general)

- Biology HL (depends on what kind of student you are)

- Chinese A/B HL (depends on how long you learnt Chinese for)


Hope this helps!

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Hi! You should really follow the tips above!

I always use http://ibpsychnotes.com/ to get my notes together.

For me, it works best to just write every essay at least once, maybe even more often. Psych is not about understanding, it is about remembering, so try to memorize as good as possible. Also choose the simplest and shortest studies for your essays that you can find. You can really use any study you want in the exams. Doesn't have to be that you covered it in class.


Hope this helps a bit as well :)


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I guess my tips are similar to the ones before me. 

First off, read alot! My teacher is always telling us to read academic language as much as we possible can manage, just to make it easier to proceed to make SAQ and LAQ while being short on time. Furtheron I would guess trying to learn the (damn) command terms and what they respectively mean. 

Guess that was all I had that no one else already covered. 

And good luck! 


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