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History IA: Bay of Pigs Invasion

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I'm in IB1 at the moment so it might be a little early to worry about the History IA. Nevertheless, I have a question about an event (Bay of Pigs) for which I wrote quite a good essay in pre-IB. This was my research question:

"To what extent was the Bay of Pigs Invasion doomed to fail?"

Now, I wonder if this is a good topic for my IA in IB2. I'm not sure as to whether it might be a bit too broad? What do you say? I'd be happy to hear some examples of how I can refine the question, in case it has to be narrowed down.


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if you could make it more specifici would try because i remeber that paprer not having a large word count for some sections so if you could make it more narroww i would try. you can always make it braoader if you are findintg that oyu don't have enough information.

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