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Can't renew subscription?

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Hi IB Survival,

I sent an email about this, but never received a reply, so I thought I would try asking on the forum.  I've been trying to renew my IBS subscription for about a month, but every time I've tried, the address line for billing information goes grey and says "something went wrong".  Then when I try to continue, I get an error message "EX2".  

Could you help me out, please?



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I think there is a little bug with our forum now. But fortunately, I've found one work-around. The key is to quickly click on the "+" button next to the address line field BEFORE the grey things appear. This will create another field for the address line which you can type in. Once you've done that, everything should work just fine. As a demonstration, I have attached 2 screenshots here. The first one is how the screen looks before you click on the "+" button, and the second one is how it looks after click.




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