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We are watching Irobot starring Will Smith in TOK.

I think it is a really good movie to watch for TOK because it can apply to emotion and logic.
Plus it has great entertainment value.
Some people in my class disagree though.

Are there any inventions today that are similar to the robot that can feel emotion, portrayed in the movie?

The setting of the movie looks like something that we could have sometime in the future. Though probably not thirty years from now...

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In TOK we watched the Matrix and the documentary thing called what the bleep do we know.

Both movies made for great discussion, and I can see some potential in it for I robot. Right now, the closest thing you can get to a humanized robot is one that is programmed to respond like a human, in a very empirical way. I, robot implies that a robot could think and therefore exist, much like Descartes did in his thought experiment. Anyways, since emotion is apparently chemicals that respond to stimuli, robots could theoretically have such properties. However, a rational understanding of emotions is not something we have the ability to give a robot. Perhaps it is impossible to do anything but an imitation, I don't know.

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