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Book Annotation

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how do u properly annotate a book?
like symbol, theme,setting,character,humor,irony, etc.

list any tips or anything on here, much help needed.


(we're annotating "To Kill A Mockingbird" by the way. pre-IB freshman)

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Firstly, at the beginning of each chapter (either on the contents page or at the start of each chapter itself), I'll write a brief sentence or two describing what the chapter is about to save time when I look back through the book later.

I usually take a few pens and highlighters when annotating. I highlight important quotes that I can use in essays, and underline or circle other important things, such as stylistic aspects, motifs etc, while writing notes in the margin to remind myself of their significance, and also notes that specify themes, changes etc.

Sometimes, if I'm not so lazy, I sort of colour code things (I know, it's weird, I'm just too much of a perfectionist sometimes!). For example, I'll use a specific colour to circle all the words that relate to a certain important theme in the text, and this has helped me when I've written about a writer's style by identifying the use of these words I've marked.

And I'll just add anything else of significance that will help me, such as dates, when a new character is introduced etc.

Basically, just do whatever works for you and helps you to remember the text and its features!

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