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Boy are you completely wrong about Obamacare. The impact it has had on entire communities is enormous. The lambasting it got was made utterly transparent by the AHCA. It was clear that the Republican leadership knew that it was vital for their constituents, had no good plans or ideas despite years and years to come up with a proposal, and showed that the ultimate motive of the lobbyists that had them lambaste it and attempt to repeal it was to make more money for companies at the expense of the people.

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On 11/12/2016 at 4:16 PM, apoello said:

At first I thought I was surprised, then I wasn't. Or maybe that's just hindsight speaking. The trouble with Clinton was that she was a politician running against someone who wasn't a politician - or at least one who repeatedly stated he wasn't a politician and would break the establishment, when many feel that politicians/the establishment is undermining them or not listening to them. Mixed with the fact that her past could be construed as... uh, not the best according to some. Of course, that's not the only reason: there are plethora of reasons, but I feel it's important to note.

It's easy to attribute it all to race/xenophobia/homophobia/etc, and whilst it's the case for some people it's not all the millions of people that voted for Trump, especially when you see there are some individuals who voted for him who would not fit under those categories. It's an odd thing, and all we can do is keep being good to one another and hope that he was just using the rhetoric to get into power.

Also, whilst we make it clear to people who feel their racist etc. opinions are validated and appropriate that they're not, the democratic party and many of the... contemporary liberals need to learn from their mistakes instead of exacerbating them as some have been doing. No one's going to support you if you immediately deem them racist etc. without even knowing them and their views individually. It's like me going up to you randomly and saying "You're a terrible person because of x feature you can't control/people with similar features have been noted to act in this way so you probably act like that too. By the way, you should vote for my party because it proves you're not a terrible person."

Apologies if this post is a mess. Slightly agitated + very tired + slightly stressed is not a good combination.

Also, sidenote: Tumblr, posting and reblogging the following image does not make people like you/the other side more likely to listen to your opinion.


This is well said. I completely agree with you. 

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On 5/15/2017 at 10:29 PM, captain teemo on duty said:

two things to talk about: I am not american. I am from hong kong.

1. I have no actual feelings about his win, not surprised too. But its good that hes more entertaining with a lot of new memes born and funny videos on youtube

2. The way he secretly 'disrespect' China makes me feel so happy. 'accepting the phone call from taiwan  = disrespecting china and admitting taiwan as a country on its own' is so good for me. Punishing this bloody communist china - the shi-tty government that blocks facebook, youtube and kill people eg 1989 massacre

3. fu-ck obamacare. This way the poor gets less healthcare resources. (people still dont understand this)

Very interesting take. The recognition of the fact that communism and socialism had/has profound effects on an economic and social level should be a clear call to the left in the Western world (ye mainly talking about the US here) that large governmental control does that lead to problems being fixed (whether that be through high taxes, obamacare, government subsidized welfare programs, etc). This is heavily exemplified in HK since from the 1960s to 2002, their GDP per capita has rose in a comparable rate to the US (even greater slope/gradient in some years) which we can thank to HK's differing socio-economic policies in comparison to China.

And more on Trump, I think that he says false, outlandish or decisive things and more generally, is not a very professional politician in terms of his rhetoric. However, imo, what people ought to be focusing on is the policies them self whether you fall on the agreeing or opposing side which I believe the media is not doing much of.

In my final thoughts,I would say this was a poor run from the democrats in the 2016 election. Hillary Clinton expected to win many states which in turn Trump won. However, I am quite surprised how close it was in Texas (well not that close but a 1 million voter difference is quite small considering that TX is a very conservative state)

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