Applying into Medicine for 2017 Batch

I was wondering about applications for medicine in Australia, the deadlines are kind of vague to me and are not updated for 2017 applications (sending apps. in 2017), can anyone help me to clarify whether or not these dates stand for 2017? Below is a deadline list from Flinders University (all dates are 2016).

February 15 - Applications open
April 19 - Decision Point 1
May - Interviews
June 30 - Decision Point 2
August 1 - Decision Point 3
July-August - Interviews
November 14 - Decision Point 4
December - Interviews



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These dates probably won't stand for then. They tend to vary because there are various factors that the university has to consider. Furthermore, you should note that (if I'm not wrong) the Decision Point 1 and May interviews are probably for mid-year entrance, as would July-August interviews (though I'm not 100% sure so check on the website). You only do UMAT at the end of July, and interview calls tend to depend on your UMAT scores (at least, I know Monash and UNSW's do).

Probably check the websites at the end of January 2017/start of February.

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