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Importance of Language Topic for my essay

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The question is, "Does language play roles of equal importance in different areas of knowledge?"

I think in terms of the more empirical areas like math and science language seems to be more certain and direct.
With areas such as arts and history the language is a lot more evasive where it's almost as if the answer doesn't want to be given to you but rather found.

Any ideas?

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I'd actually say that the role of language is a lot more important in areas like the Arts (all the arts, I mean, and that includes Literature, Drama, and all that), where a single word can change the meaning entirely, or where some words have more meaning than others. And people can interpret things in their own way.

But in places like Math, we're basically working with a language that has no flexibility. Though now that I'm writing all this, I'm beginning to see your point. >.<

Though you could explain that when we're talking about actual languages (like English, or French, or whatever), Math doesn't need a language because it's the same in almost every country. We all play with numbers the same way. Don't know if you get what I mean...

Hope this wasn't entirely useless.

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i agree with you.
i believe that language is so tied in with culture that in the arts or in history, where culture plays a huge role in interpreting and understanding them,
language is extremely important.
science and math don't really strike me as strong areas where language affects their interpretation.
numbers are numbers. h20 can be understood in any language... etc.. =]

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