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Can math studies students manage SAT?

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I take math studies, indicating that I absolutely don't want to study anything that has to do with math after graduating from the IB.

However, I'm considering to apply to the US so I want to do the "standard" SAT tests (math & English). Some people say that the math is way too hard for math studies students to manage, while others say that the math is simple enough for basically anyone to get a good grade in. 

Does anyone have any experience with SATs? Can you get a good score even if you're in math studies? :( Help pleaseee!

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I'm a Math Studies student and although I'm not applying to the US and didn't do the actual SATs, I did the PSATs. Not sure if you did too... but I get 6s in Math Studies and in the PSATs I did quite well on the math section. Not the best, but it wasn't bad. 

Talk to your math teacher and explain the situation to him/her. They can advise you and possibly even give you practice exercises to help you prepare for it. A very helpful link I've found is from KhanAcademy that gives you great exercises related to what you would expect on the SATs: https://www.khanacademy.org/test-prep/sat/sat-math-practice

Generally, just keep studying and practicing for it with the right material and you should be fine.

Good luck!

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I'm getting a 5 in SL maths and got a 550 on the SAT maths section with revision. But it was at the time of which I was at a 2 in SL maths thus times have changed plus as I'm English the SAT is totally new to me and my family, it was my first SAT exam and I went in totally alone, not even help from my university councillor at school. The exam itself was quite tricky for someone of my calibre, but I do feel like the Studies curriculum is centred towards SAT curriculum whereas the SL maths curriculum is much more advanced than the SAT.

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SAT Maths really doesn't correspond whatsoever to any Maths level in the IB ie. even as an SL Maths student, I do almost as well in SAT Maths as a friend who takes HL Maths. 

That said, if you have an affinity for Maths, you'll definitely find SAT Maths much easier. Unlike in the IB, it doesn't strictly test your knowledge of content, but more so your logic ability to discern patterns. There's also a lot of somewhat simple tricks for SAT Maths that allows you to ignore some of the more complex maths and still net you a high score. 

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