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What do you want to study at university?

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Hey guys! 

I thought it would be fun to start a post where people get to write what they want to study at uni (plus I rly need some inspiration).. 

go for it!! 

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B.A Chemistry + B.F.A Graphic Design dual degree

M.F.A Design+Media

Ph.D Art History, perhaps?

I love chemistry very much and I want to become an multidisciplinary artist. I think both science and humanities knowledge are important for an artist to enrich himself/herself and create meaningful artworks. Artists do not only draw; artists can make ideas come to life and shape the future. 

P.S. Recently I am designing the 4 new elements proposed by the IUPAC :D This one's nihonium.


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On 12/25/2016 at 8:25 AM, IB`ez said:


Really hope to do a double degree on Economics & Biomedical Engineering/Biomedical Science (hard with only Maths SL)


WOw so similar. I'm studying biomedical engineering and I want to minor in economics (mostly because I was only rewarded transfer credits for HL Econ). Also had Math SL and kinda regret that even though I didn't have a choice :P

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I wanted medicine for a long time even though I wasn't interested in science. It has always been my dream to be a psychiatrist. Then in the middle of the semester I realised how low my GPA was because of the science lessons. So I changed my decision and decided to study something that I always had an interest in: english literature! Even though it would be lovely to study in UK, we can't afford the universities there so I'll stay in Turkey or going to go to Germany/Austria. My advice for all of the IB students who still couldn't decide what to study: just try to know yourself and what you're interested in. Don't push yourself to do anything. Just go where your heart wants to go. You'll all be okay. We'll all be okay!

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