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help with my 2nd IA, Topic=UDF under apartheid

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I finished one historical investigation on how the bolsheviks impact on agriculture 1917-1918 affected the early end of war communism.

now... on to my next historical investigation ;) . You see, I'm not really content with the one mentioned above, so I started working on a new one. Depending on how my new IA will turn out I might trash my old one.

Why did the UDF fail to emerge as the ruling party of South africa?

I think this is really weak. But I really want to study UDF and what they did wrong (if they did anything wrong :) )
And it is obvious that ANC had way more support than UDF, and therefor I find my question weak. But then... should I do: Why did UDF not have a greater number of supporters?
I'm gonna narrow it down later, right now I need to settle down on a topic :/

All help is much appreciated :)

P.S. I also appreciate any tips on good reads/websites etc

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