What subjects should I choose if I am planning to study dentistry in the future?

If I am planning to study dentistry in the future should I choose hl maths or sl maths because I am already choosing hl biology and chemistry. Thank you.

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I'd personally start with HL maths and then drop to SL if you struggle with it. For me HL maths is a good test of whether I can live up to the pressure of being a doctor - this HL is not necessary for medicine but it increases your knowledge which is something you'll have to do as a dentist. 

It's hard for most people, sure. Deep down it's probably tricky to those who say it's easy as well. But don't let that scare you - 25% of all candidates takes it every year so it is more than doable. Staying on top of your work is the key! 

There's a high chance your grades will drop in the beginning, but allow for 2 months to pass by and see how things are doing. My friends improved from 3s and 4s to 5s and 6s, and there's still so much time left to improve! If you, however, feel as if maths HL affects your performance in chemistry and biology then drop it. You don't want to end up with 544 in your HLs or something when you could've gotten 666 or even 766 without HL maths.


Good luck! 

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