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Hello everyone,

I was planning on going to Uni in Germany, and in order to do that, IB students have to go to a "Zeugnisanerkennungsstelle" to get their Diploma accepted. My own diploma is not getting accepted because I took an online course (economics SL), and my sister's diploma is not getting accepted because she is taking self-taught German A, as they don't offer German A at our school.

This is frustrating, and T just want to make everyone aware that you cannot study in Germany if you take a self-taught course or an online course

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Thought I'd  talk a bit more about this issue.


Germany is quite strict when it comes to recognising the IBDP - much more strict than other German-speaking countries such as Austria. For the group 3 subject, you have to take history, geography, or economics as otherwise your diploma won't be considered. This is soon going to change and more subjects are going to be recognised (including psychology, anthropology, world religions and more) - you can read about it in the document I'll link below.


Additionally, you have to take at least one science or maths and a language at HL (A or B, doesn't matter) in order to have your diploma recognised. Maths studies is not a recognised level either - you have to take SL or HL (or further HL). 


Here's the source I'm using, it's from Bayern so it might differ a bit in other areas:

Zeugnisanerkennungsstelle für den Freistaat Bayern

There are some requirements when it comes to German, but it is more complicated and often depends on the individual case. 


This information might be invalid in the future, so please make sure you contact the university you wish to apply to anyway, as these people are going to have far more information than I do. 

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I have an important update. It is possible to study in Germany with online or self-taught courses depending on which Zeugnisanerkennungsstelle you go to. Some of them require all reports throughout the 2 years, and some of them only require the final grades. If they only require the final grades, then  they won't know if it was online or self taught.

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