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Warsaw, Poland

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[font="Palatino Linotype"][b]Kia ora.[/b]

I have now carefully considered my next years, and it looks to me that I will be going to the Medical University of Warsaw.
The reason for creating this new topic was to find out the approximate prices for flats in the centre of Warsaw.
After googling for quite some time, I did not really find any sufficient data, and thus I wondered if there were anyone here knowing the price for a square metre. I know there are heaps of factors to the price (such as the location and standard), but a general outlook would be very appreciated.
What I am mainly looking for is a flat for two people.

Thank you in advance.

PS. I am not quite sure if this is the appropriate section to post it.[/font]

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Yes, this is the right place for this topic :dash: . Warsaw seems like a popular destination for Scandinavians these days when it comes to studying Medicine :) . I don't personally know anything about Poland, but I suggest you PM Mark (thats his username), who lives in Warsaw, I believe. This way you'll be sure that he notices this thread.

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[quote name='Dennis Valentine' post='28611' date='Nov 18 2008, 07:25 PM'][font="Palatino Linotype"]I'll do that. Thank you very much indeed :rofl: [/font][/quote]

If you still need that information, this map seems to be great. --> [url="http://ceny.citydom24.pl/"]http://ceny.citydom24.pl/[/url]
The price given on the left stands for 1m[sup]2[/sup] of a flat. You can zoom it on the left.
Hope that helps. :ok:

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