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Group 4 Summative Project

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Hey guys,

So we were told to do our group 4 Projects and gather ideas.we also need approval signatures.

now for those of you who dont know what G4 Project is, i will quickly explain...
it is a project which can consist of 4-5 group members and combines physics, biology ,and chemistry.

what is really bothering me is that we require approvement signatures.

this is what i had in mind:
Comparing Mcondald's and KFC's meals and their environmental friendlyness:
i jolted down some notes regarding the chemistry behind the cola, the bacteria behind the food itself, and how one
should preserve it, temperatures at which they have to be preserved blah blah blah...

so all of my group's approvals were shot down due to a lack of a thesis or reason to what i just desribed,
so far no group has had a succeful approval

what are your thoughts on this? do your schools require approval forms? and what are some previous projects you guys did?


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Require signatures at my school. I dont think your topic, though interesting, is good enough. It doesn't really assess the chemistry aspects of things. And its also too broad.

Sample Topics: Does the speed of the ride influence the "fun" meter of things. Separation methods applied to chocolate. Analyzing chemical solutions + electrolytes.

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