French ab initio Written Assignment

I was just finishing up my written assignment in French ab initio, but had some questions.

1) How many sources are we supposed to use? I thought we were supposed to use 3 sources which are written in French. Are we allowed to use more than 3 sources, and sources written in English not only in French?

2) We do not have to to referencing right? Since we upload the sources and the Written Assignment separately.

3) When is the deadline of uploading. Is it 15th of March?



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so according to my school:

1. you have to use atleast 3 french sources, the rest can be in English

2. You still have to reference. In text citations should be there and the works cited page should be at the end of the assignment.

3. Our internal deadline was about a month ago, so I am not entirely sure, but I think you are on the right track with March 15th.

Good Luck!! 


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