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can anybody give me a .. detailed summary? of what kind of questions come up in the non-calc exam for HL?

and also:

how do YOU study for maths? apart from doing practice exams etc..



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Well, so far this year all of our exams have been non-calculator, and pretty much every IB HL question can be answered without one. Chances are you won't be seeing things like newton's method, but you will be getting the same problems as always, with small numbers and exact answers.

Oh, and for math, I just study by doing questions from my calculus textbook, and it's worked well so far. Best thing you can do is to do a bunch of easy questions whenever you do a new topic, and then revisit it by doing really hard questions later on, but well before your test. I usually try to do about 10 hours of practice problems on the weekend that my teacher makes up the test on, even if I'll be writing it a week and a half later. Cramming seems to work well if you give it time to settle down before the test itself.

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