Hey everyone,

I am taking IB next year, and I'm very interested in video games in general.

I've been watching a lot of speedruns recently and must say that I really got interested in getting into the speedrunning scene, thus comes my question:

Can one speedrun games on CAS? Say f.ex. if my goal would be to LEARN and then SPEEDRUN a game called Star Wars: Jedi Knight Jedi Academy.

Was very surprised that I couldn't find any existing topics about speedrunning games here or by using google.

Thanks in advance,


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I am not saying video games cannot be CAS, but your description of which is difficult to justify as CAS. Some examples of how video games can be CAS:

  • Introduce others to video games to help relieve stress, or to cope with mental / psychological disorders
  • Make illustration / music accompaniment / creative writing based on the game
  • Play video games in which some rigorous physical activity is involved (eg XBox 350 Kinect, PlayStation Move, Pokemon Go while jogging)
  • Produce videos about video game recommendations/reviews, which would include some degree of video-editting and film making skills (including sound-mixing, storyboard planning, etc)

Good luck!

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