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Language B Written Assignment Guidelines

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We're handing in our French B SL written assignments soon and I just have a few questions about the guidelines.

First of all, I'm wondering about the format for parenthetical citations. My teacher told us to use (Author's last name, "Article title") and I assume he knows what he's talking about, but I just wanted to check because this doesn't follow any of the citation styles. Do we need a bibliography in a specific style at the end?  

I'm also concerned about one of my sources because I read somewhere that there is a word limit (I think it was 400 words) for the sources, but my teacher never mentioned this. Am I allowed to cite a longer article with headings and only use a specific section that isn't very long? Do you think that the IB actually checks the sources of the written assignments they are sent, and will I be marked down for this?  

I really want to keep this article because it supports an important part of my argument and it's the only French source I could find with this information.

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