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Hi guys,

So I'm starting to stress a little since I have to finish my EE proposal by tuesday and I'm yet unsure what topic/subject I should do it in.

I know I'll be doing it in one of my HL subjects so therefore either English, Geography or Theatre however I haven't been able to decide which yet. Although we're often told to focus it on an area related to what we want to do in uni, I will be studying in spain where they don't take the topic of EE into consideration and therefore all that is valued is the points.

Are there any subjects of those three that are perhaps easier to score higher in?

Since I have recently been to an MUN conference abroad, I had to debate about topics of global importance and one of the issues in my comittee was "eradicating the practice of child marriage", I became highly intrigued by the issue of child marriage in different regions and thought that I could maybe orientate this towards geographical patterns and base my EE around this topic, however right now this is obviously extremely vague. Any suggestions on how I could link this topic more to geography in order to be able to use it for my extended essay?

Thanks in advance,

I'd be more than happy to take any advice or suggestions.

Ellen xx

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IB publishes a statistical bulletin that helps a bit in determining what how each subject is graded for the EE. History is done by the greatest percentage go candidates, yet it is the statistically the most difficult subject. IB only divides the results by subject Group, but glancing at the graph it seems as though geography is almost graded as harshly as history. It's hard to make a judgement on theatre, but it in general the grading for Group 6 as a whole looks generous. Of course, there are confounding variables. An unprepared student is much more like to decide that he is doing a history essay then a chemistry, math, or theatre essay so I suppose that could be a factor. 

I would recommend doing the subject that you like the most because that will ultimately be the one that is least painful. Trust me, you do not want to work on an essay for nine months and hate the subject. The bulletin is available at http://www.ibo.org/contentassets/bc850970f4e54b87828f83c7976a4db6/dp-statistical-bulletin-may-2016-en.pdf

I can't help with Geography because I never took it, sorry.

Also, I hope you don't feel stressed. Leave that for when you're a week away from turning in your first draft and you haven't written anything (like me or 80% of IB students). :D

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