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Subjectivity of Essays in the IB?

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A question that has seriously bothered me is the subjectivity of grading IB essays. The rubrics are at best very vague. I mean according to whose opinion is my essay's organization going to be judged as "well-structured" or "effective?" (mind you these terms refer to two different bands).

Clearly, an examiner who's a bibliophile will props have a higher par for what an effective structure means. What do you think? 




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That's a problem inherent in grading any essay, not just in the IB.  As long as you follow a clear structure (e.g. introduction, 3-4 body paragraphs each discussing a main idea/technique, conclusion), and you don't get a truly sadistic marker, you should be OK.  If you feel that the examiners were too harsh on your essays, you can request a remark in the appropriate subject(s) for a fee.  

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