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Where to apply (US or UK)

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Yeah well i need to make up my mind of where to apply. The problem that i have is that i do not have a clue where i should apply. I know what i want to study and such stuff.
But not where. I wanna study business administration, preferable in the US or UK. I have predicted 40 points, with the following subjects;
Math HL 7, Eco HL 7, Phy HL 7, Chem SL7, Swedish A1 SL 5, English A2 SL 5, EE/TOK 2. my languages are my downfall kinda :)
However all HL are 7s i hope i can join a good uni.

Now i have a LOT of extracurricular activities;
Vice president of student organisation, (we organize school societies etc, and i am currently setting up a school "shop" where you can order school cloths, pens and a lot of other things)
Part of several school societies. Part of the school counsil, or i am the school counsil the other kids don't know what they are talking about :D (we have meetings with the principle, 4 teachers and 4 students to talk about things in school, we actually have some power)
Coach of the school basketball team. Part of the school soccer team (however both teams are not that great, sweden does not have any history with school based teams)
I used to swim a lot (8 times a week before IB1), then quit and am now doing taiboxing and Brazillian ju-juitsu. Usually i join the cycling club in the summer.
And i did american football untill the season ended 2 weeks ago.
I do magic (mostly card magic) as creativity. Play guitarr aswell.
Scout leader for children between 7 and 9 years old every second week. Actually did a cource for that one (3*5 days or something like that)
Have some working experience in the construction industry, worked there during the summer.

From what i know the universities in the US are more likely to look at extracurricular activities then the ones in the UK.
However the US is much more expensive. So i want to know what you people think i should concentrate on for kind of universities?
Is it worth to take a shot at the IVY-leages or ?? please just give me some suggestions at where to look. Also i guess i also have to take the januari SAT if i wanna go to the US
but i haven't done it so no use to speculate what i will get.

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Your HL subjects are pretty good!
I think you can probably give Ivy Legues a shot.
Though I've heard from a few friends that US universities regard the SAT exams more importantly than the IB exams. You do actually have to prepare for the SAT exams and that takes a little while to do.
Maybe first you want to check out the entrance requirements for american universities..

I think you should also apply to UK universities as Sweden is part of the European Union? (correct me if im wrong) so it would be easier for you to go to an English Uni. Then, you don't need to worry about the SATs as you really don't have much time left to prepare for it.

Good Luck:)

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You don't need to prepare for the SATs. :D However, most Ivies won't consider you anymore because you won't get your SAT scores in time. Yale will, I think, but for example Cornell doesn't accept the January SATs for admission and you need to take both subject tests and the reasoning test. Check www.collegeboard.com for details. For the UK, apply as fast as possible, but your uni choice depends on your subject choice, because most unis are not good in all subjects. Cam and Ox deadlines have passed.

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Yes sweden is part of the european union therefore UK is probebly easier in many ways.
I have also heard that universities in the US consider SAT to be of upmost importants.
I will check out what uni's in the US accept the januari SAT and who do not. I know that if you take the januari test then you have to make sure that the score is send to your uni right away after it has been marked and ****.

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Guest Philippe Arni
Study in the UK its better... Avoid student loans you do not want to start having debts in your life already at such a young age...
Well on the other hand if your wealthy its no problem... I still suggest UK with your subjects..

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apply for UK because you are predicted 777HL and 40 overall which means you have the potential to get in anywhere :P but for USA, your score won't guarantee you anything.

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