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Hello there,

I am currently working on my ToK presentation for my Economics real life situation. We had a class discussion about the pound collapsing in 5 years, because all companies would move to Europe due to rising interest rates in the UK (Due to brexit). From that RLS I have come up with the following knowledge question:

What role does reason and interpretation play when creating future claims?

My ways of knowing would be: reason

Area of knowing: Ethics, Human Sciences

In terms of Ethics, I have thought about how errors in reasoning make a claim invalid. However, I do not know how to counter claim this :/. 

In terms of Human Sciences (Econ), I have no idea how to claim and counter claim in this AOK.

My personal knowledge and shared knowledge would be:

-> Economics is an abstract subject made from shared knowledge

-> Personal knowledge gained by students is different from the personal knowledge of the experts.


Are my areas of knowing invalid for this kind of topic? Could you please recommend me some AOK I could go into so I can claim and counter claim them properly?


Thank you very much! 

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For your first claim on ethics, you could look at emotions as a WOK for knowledge claims in ethics.  For example, would a decision that holds according to reason still be valid if your emotions suggest otherwise?  Can't answer for Econ because I don't know much about that subject.  

You could also look at the AOK of mathematics, although you may need to be wary of making it too much like the natural sciences.  

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