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Enviromental Systems Hl Versus Biology Hl

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Okay, So I'm really into the environment even though I don't know much. But I just have that whole lemme try to save the world from global warming, save the trees, recycle, shopping eco/ethical, buying everything that is made out of 100% organic, hemp and Product Red.

BUT, I've studied biology since primary school..Secondary school (pre-IB), but then, I'm afraid I'll lose out to those who have always taken geography, because I was allowed only either History or Geography, and I took history. I scored equally well for both though, so now being the whole new "mature" me who kinda wants to save the world, and is very interested in the environmental concept,

Should I take Bio since I'm more well versed, but to be honest, I kind of get bored of reading my textbooks, or should I take Environmental Systems which I have more interests in.... :/


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Okay, I think I've kinda decided, I spent like 5 weeks of my holiday studying Biology already ! :C How sad.

But I LOVEEE Environmental systems. So yeah. now I need help...

I don't really understand the optional and compulsory topics? I want to study beforehand,

so erm... how many optional topics do I have to choose if I'm taking HL, or all?

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HL students need to study two options, and SL need to study one, if I'm not mistaken.

Regarding which to choose, I think you should follow your interests and study Environmental. You'll be able to use a lot of the things you learned in Biology and apply them to new situations. In fact, the Biology and Environmental tests are so similar that at my school you're only allowed to take one of the two, at any level.
Plus, it's a lot easier to study something that you're interested and that will help you grow, rather than repeating the same things you've been doing forever.
However, if you decide to take Biology I wouldn't worry too much about it being repetitious. Especially at HL you need to know things in a LOT more detail, so while it may not be as hard for you as for other people it should still be a challenge!

Either way, only you know what feels right for you!
Good luck! :(

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