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Next year I am starting IB and right now I am in the pre-IB year. In my IB school we only have ESS and history in group 3 and I want to study economics. They say I cant take courses online. They said that I can only take a course online if they promised a course but then it got cancelled. 

Is that true? Why am I not able to choose economics online?

If i can not take economics I guess I have to change to a IB school that have economics but that's 1 hour away or I can just change to another highschool program but if that's the case I have just wasted 1 year of school by going in pre-IB and i will have to retake one year.:mellow:

I don't know what to do, I really want to study the IB but I personally do not like history and I only want to study what I am intressted in.

Sorry for spelling mistake I am in a hurry hehe

Thanks for response.

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Umm maybe it's a school policy? Because I was in a similar situation (didn't like history, took economics online) and my school actually encouraged it. We don't even have an IB economics teacher at my school, so the course was never cancelled so I think that's a weird excuse.

It could also be about cost. My online course was very expensive so perhaps the school doesn't want to pay or they don't want to register since it might be a hassle. 

You can maybe ask your coordinator again, but if it doesn't work out I'd say study what you like, even if it's not in the IB program.

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In our school we have this policy that the students can take classes at their own expense online if they wish to take a subject that the school doesn't offer, can't you do that?

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