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Maths Studies Vs. Maths Standard Level - Law

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I have been taking maths standard level for the last 6 months and on tests have gotten 4's, 5's and 6's. However on our mock exam I barely achieved a 3. 

At University I want to study Law, and the only requirement I have seen is HL6 in English and a 4 in a science or maths SL. I fulfill those requirements therefore I was wondering if I should drop to studies? I have emailed he universities I want to attend (Edinburgh and Glasgow) and they said it would not be a problem or affect my admission. (For reference I take SL; Biology, Maths SL, Spanish B and HL; English A Literature, History and Norwegian A Literature)

Moreover, I have been doing quite badly in Biology SL and was thinking that if I moved to studies I would have more time for that subject, and neglect it less?

My main question is if I should drop and also if I do how certain is it that my grades would improve?

Thank you!

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Guest TheMagical7

I'm a Math HL student, and the SL exam questions are not very hard. But Math Studies.... ITS curriculum is almost A JOKE :D I just looked at a Math Studies paper and I felt that I could solve most of the questions easily right now.

Take Math Studies if you're sure that you will not need maths for any of your potential future choices, because what it covers is quite minimal. As a comparison, at the moment, our school is covering Calculus in HL/SL, but I believe that it is covered at the end of IB2 for Studies.

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