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Arabic EE outline?

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Hey! I haven't written an extended essay in Arabic but I do have some friends that have . So here are so general tips that they've told me would help: 1.Create a focused first RQ, consult your supervisor.  The role of your supervisor is to simply guide you to structure a question that meets the requirements and that you will be able to sufficiently argue with 4000 words. 
2. Compile your research depending on your topic. My friend advises the focus of a poem for your central analysis and against the use letters or a comparison of literary novels unless you know them by heart as they require thorough knowledge and intense analysis. Its important to note that any extended essay is based on research so maybe a lack of it is whats hindering you'r writing. Really delve deep into it. Choose a variety of resources. I would say start with a minimum of two books and 4-5 online studies in the form of articles in journals or videos (they can be in arabic or english). Show different opinions and perspectives in your argument. 
3.Depending on your topic again, create an introduction that presents the RQ and explains the main topic being discussed.
4.Identify your sub topics (paragraph topics) before writing the body of the essay.
5.Start writing details for each sub topic.
6. Structure those details into the body paragraphs of the essay.  My friend advises you to ignore the word count for your first draft. Your supervisor should be able to help you cut down on words and correct anything. So definitely be open to criticism and don't be afraid of writing many drafts. I recall my friend having to go through 7 drafts before handing in his final essay. 
7.When writing your conclusion restate how you have answered your RQ (briefly mention your subtopics). Then answer your RQ with your opinion.

Hope this helped! 

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