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Is IB worth it in my case?

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I go to school in Canada and am currently enrolled in grade 10 pre-bac. I am going into year 1 next year, but ultimately I don't think that I am going to do year 2. This is making me wonder if doing year 1 will really be worth it. I am worried that this year may be worthless if i do not do the second year. I hope to get into university in the province i currently live in (Ontario) for health sciences, and am fairly confident that I would be able to achieve low 90s if I were to be in academic. Would I be better off in academic for grade 11? 


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It's a really personal choice in my opinion. Some people do really well in the IB system because the learning style is different, whereas others prefer the provincial system. I'm guessing that health science program is Mac Health Sci? In that case, all you need is a 90+ which is not impossible in IB (a minimum of a mix of 5s and 6s).

If you know for sure you don't want to do Year 2 IB, Year 1 might still be worth it. That's because you'd be used to the harder difficulty of IB courses and will have great study habits because of it, so if you go to the provincial system you might have an advantage in some courses.


I also did IB in Ontario and know a lot about the uni admission process. Drop me a message if you have questions

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