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Will the extended essay subject chosen affect uni applications?

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I'm just wondering what subject to do for my EE.

I have a nice Physics investigation topic that I can do several experiments and write about them, which my Physics teacher kind of support and agree with the topic. But I plan to study Economics at the university... so I am just wondering if I write my EE on Economics will that boost my application? But I feel that it will be rather difficult to do so since Economics theory exists in the world and it is rather difficult to write about Economics research because economists have done a bunch of them. Another alternative is writing about Math. Well, this will take much more time, but I think it is worth trying if writing about Math can boost my Economics uni application.


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Your choice of EE topic won't affect your chances into uni. Maybe it would be slightly relevant if the uni's admissions process had an interview component and you could talk about how your EE shows your interest in economics... But don't sweat it. Universities don't really care - they're not going to read your EE anyway. Better to just pick a topic you like and are confident that you can get the most marks in.

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