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Failing IB in the second term

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I'm really sad that I'm failing IB in the second term of year 12. I have been studying hard for all my test but still get bad scores on them. I saw my scores and saw that my effort score and my completion of HW and Classwork is good but I still manage to get a bad grade. I'm also scared my dad that I'm getting really bad grades now. My dad expects that my grades will be around a level 4-6 in this term but its lower than that. I have been studying every night for at least 1-2 hours. Should I be worrying this much about my grades now? What should I do? 

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Seeing that you still have about a whole year until the IB examinations, I'd say that you still have the ability to improve your results significantly.  Perhaps you should try different revision strategies.  You mention that you study hard, but is it efficient?  A mixture of efficiency and hard work is necessary for good grades (and probably throughout the rest of your life too).  

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