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Should I take French HL?

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Hi, I'm currently taking French 1 in public school and it's 18 weeks course.

I'm gonna transfer to private school which offers IB program and I'm having a hard time scheduling.

I know French HL is for students who finished French 4.

I'm going to study French so hard this summer. And I'm pretty good ate learning new languages and love French SO MUCH.

Also, I'm trying to expose myself to French a lot and planning to work in field of Fashion.

So, if I take French, I think it will be really beneficial for me.

The only problem is I'm not sure my French will be good enough to take French HL after this summer.

Or I'm thinking about taking French SL this year and French HL next year but I'm not really sure if I can do this.

And my school suggested to take French Initio cuz I told them that I'm taking French 1 right now.


If I take French HL, it will be challenging for me but I only need to take history or visual arts as my HL courses, which is really good.

However, if I don't take French HL, I need to take history and visual arts as my HL courses. 

I don't like either of them. I hate history and I suck at art.


So, simply, my schedule will be like this:

- if I take French HL,

            HL - Math, French, History OR Visual Arts

            SL - English, Bio, History OR Visual Arts


- If I don't take French HL

           HL - Math, History, Visual Arts

           SL - English, Bio, French



What should I do?




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You clearly really want to do French HL. I would definitely say to go for it! The jump from SL to HL in French B is not as bad as, say, Math SL to HL. The only difference is that you will have an extra writing component in the final exam and the vocabulary and grammar structures in the reading comprehension will be a bit more challenging - but understandable since you are given more instruction time during an HL course.

If I were you I'd definitely rather be in French HL than History HL. There's just so much extra stuff you have to learn in HL history... Dunno about Visual Arts.

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Indeed, we can clearly see that you really want to take French HL. As a native french speaker, I will suggest you to go to France on holidays, maybe in a family, just to hear and talk french. About your school, what you could to is taking French SL for a few months and then move to HL if you feel like it !

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Here's my take.. If you're really into French HL or learning French in general, SL or HL wouldn't make much of a difference as HL students merely read 2 literature on top of the SL work load. Now, you could also opt for 4 HLs in your first IB year, learn the complex vocabulary you would want from French HL and then downgrade it to SL at the end of the first year. 

This would allow you to improve your French at a much faster rate than SL students would and will eventually help you make the decision on whether you would want to keep French at HL or SL. Also, taking 4 HLs will give you more freedom and elbow room for downgrading not just french but any of your HLs to SL, if need be. I personally see it as a win win.. It's your decision at the end of it.. Hope that helped.


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