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IB Physics SL2 or IB Art SL?

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Hey guys, registration is coming up and I've sunk into a dilemma.

I'm currently a sophomore in the local gifted program, and am taking IB Bio SL, IB Precalc SL, IB Physics SL 1, IB Spanish 4, IB/AP Lang, and IB/APUSH. I'm definitely going to HL in Bio, English, and History, but don't know what to do about splitting my SL's.

I have been struggling in Physics, and although I scraped an A first semester and MIGHT make it this semester, I don't think I'll do very well in SL 2 (HL is far, far beyond me). I am also having some trouble filling in my continuous art credit (that many colleges like seeing) and my CTE credit will be taken care of with my internship in senior year. I am seriously considering dropping IB Physics SL 2 and replacing it with IB Art SL. I am debating, however, over the merit these two classes bring to colleges and how important they are in the long run. I'm pretty certain that I have a higher chance at getting an A in art (which I like) than in physics (which i am famous for struggling in), but Physics could be more "important" to my future. 

What should I do? I'm a STEM kind of person and am not looking to go into the humanities, doing my EE in Biology and everything.

My complete course schedule for next year, as reference: (omitting PE and TOK) 
IB Bio HL, IB Calculus HL 1, IB Physics SL2 OR IB Art SL, IB Spanish 5 (SL test), IB/AP Lit, IB/AP USGOV.
Note: I will be taking AP Physics 1, AP Lang, and APUSH at the end of this year.

Thank you all!

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