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Which scores to send

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My school sends out 2 reports every year; a mid-year and a final report. The university of california application wants me to indicate how many reports I get per year and asks me to list my grades accordingly

Now my school told me that I can include either only my final year grades or my mid year and final grades of each year in high school (they will send the transcripts of whichever I opted for). Now I don't know which one to choose. You see my final grades are mostly As and Bs, which is fine. But my mid years are more like many Cs and some Bs. I can see some advantages/disadvantages in both, but still can't send my mind up which to choose:

1)Only send in final grades:

Advantage: These grades are pretty good

Disadvantage: It doesn't look like I improved much, especially since my grades in year 9 and 10 were pretty good in comparison to the start of IB (year 11), where I had at first bad grades (30 in the end)

2)Send in final and mid year reports:

Advantage: I would show great improvement each year, from miserable Cs to outstanding As... maybe the admissions officer will think i'm a hard worker since I excelled myself and can make huge improvements?

Disadvantage: obviously a bunch of Cs look kinda lame

So which option should I opt for?

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