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help me revise motherals

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It's terrible but yes, I have only 1 month to study for the exams and I haven't started. I have no idea on how to go about this and where to start. 

Here are my classes:

Physics HL, English B HL, Business HL, Sports Health & Exercise SL, Korean SL, and Math Studies.

I'm pretty much worried about all of them, and I'm freaking out because I don't know where to start. Please help! 

Different subjects require different types of studying methods, and like how do you study for such a big subject like Physics? We're not even done learning the material in class! I have no idea how to study for Sports Health and Science since the teacher sucks and we didnt learn anything... But I'm most worried about Physics since I got a predicted grade of 3 which I may not be able to pass.Please leave a comment ASAP

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At this point just practice past papers when it comes to Physics. Quickly make a list of the topics you're most unfamiliar with and strengthen your skill in them.

Might be biased here, but for Maths Studies it's enough to just know the concepts without knowing unique problem solving skills – do questions from your textbook and then move on to past papers when you're ready. 

English B HL at this point you can't do much – just do a past paper or two every week and that should be adequate prep.

Business HL requires a lot of essay writing – you could write some essays and get your teacher to mark and provide feedback on them.

Can't comment on Korean SL or Sports Science since I don't take them. 

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I agree with the person above ^ 

You should do chunks of your subjects everyday, and if you need motivation or something then remember that you spent more than a year of your life in the IB, and it will be a shame that you fail the diploma after all this time spent on TOK/EE/IAs all that stuff

For each subject, highlight which areas youre weak on and focus on those. I suggest working closely with your teachers as they can tell you what areas youre weak on. Look through old class tests and learn from your mistakes there

Physics is a pain, i don't do it for IB but I feel it. Maybe studying by the syllabus will be effective, especially in  topics youre weak on? As for skills, it can be worked on via question banks/past papers/textbook questions. (many questionbanks on reddit)

As for sports science since your teacher sucks and didnt teach, you can teach yourself from youtube/the syllabus. I was in a similar position in igcse, and taught myself the whole biology syllabus 3 weeks before the exam (did many small chunks of stuff everyday) which turned out ok!

It's best to study in a quiet environment with NO DISTRACTIONS (phones, tv, youtube) and to study a lot in small chunks (30-45 mins chunks)


I can't give advice for korean sl, sorry :( maybe try reading korean news/short stories/past papers/kdramas (i do malay sl, and many people say that watching malay subbed shows/malay dramas actually improved their vocab)?

All the best!


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